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Portable Tens Unit- Analog
Portable Unit
Portable Tens Unit- Analog
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T.E.N.S stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This portable, TENS device is a pocket size, battery-operated unit that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals. Great for hypertonic and sore muscles. The electrical currents produced are mild, but can prevent pain messages from being transmitted to the brain and may also increase the endorphin levels (natural pain killers produced by the brain). TENS units should only be used under the direction of a doctor or physical therapist. Electrodes are attached to the surface of the skin over or near the area where you are experiencing pain. You can Purchase extra electrodes as well for this portable tens unit.

An Electical Muscle Stimulation Unit that you can use at home. This TENS Unit can be operated under different modes and also has a timer.
  • Burst Mode- the TENS unit produces a series or seven quick pulses followed by a rest. The cycle repeats itself twice every second.
  • Modulation mode- the TENS unit automatically varies the amplitude of the pulse every four seconds.
This is a dual channel unit, when allows you to use up to four electrodes at a time (two electrodes per channel. The TENS unit is portable and may be clipped to a belt, shirt pocket, bra or other clothing.

  • Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Muscle tension or stiffness
  • To increase range of motion
  • Use on atrophied musculature
  • To increase local blood circulation
  • Chronic back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Cervical spondylosis or degeneration
  • Persons using a cardiac pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Malignancy
  • Conditions where circulation is impaired
  • Not to be used transcerebrally across the head, over the carotid sinus(where the jaw meets the neck), over metal implants or in conjunction with sleep apnea or heart monitors.

You should be aware that TENS units provide symtomatic therapy only and are not considered curative.

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Shipping Method Fed Ex
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Pulse Rate 0-120Hz adjustable
Timer 30, 60, constant
# of Channels 2
Battery 9V (comes with a battery)
Electrodes 4
Pulse Intensity adjustable 0-80 mA peak into 500 ohm load into each channel
Use Standard lead wires or "pigtail"-style electrodes
Includes Hard Plastic Carrying Case, 2 lead wires, four electrodes, 9V Battery + Manual
Features Benefits
Easy to Carry, and Simple to Use
Includes one pack of 4 electrodes, battery and carrying case
Dual channel unit which allows you to use up to four electrodes at a time (two electrodes per channel)
Equipped with a timer
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