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TearDrop Pillow
Change to Side Sleeping today!
TearDrop Pillow
You can hold the TearDrop Pillow with the thin or thick side facing in towards your body.
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If you are a stomach sleeper, you have probably heard how sleeping on your stomach causes enormous stress and tension to be put on your neck, shoulders and back while you are sleeping. But it's a hard habit to break! The TearDrop Pillow is designed to make the transition easier for stomach sleepers to side sleepers. Place the thin edge of the TearDrop Pillow close to your torso to provide that warmth and support that stomach sleepers enjoy. At the same time though, you are sleeping in a healthier position on your side, which will help reduce neck and shoulder tension and stiffness.

Indications for using the TearDrop Pillow :

  • neck and shoulder tension
  • torso support while sleeping
  • better sleep posture
  • for stomach sleepers transitioning to side sleeping

Step by Step Washing Instructions for your TearDrop Pillow

  • Soak your TearDrop pillow in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent
  • Press and squeeze out water until clean
  • Take pillow and rinse in clean water of all detergent/soil
  • Squeeze out excess water
  • Lay flat to dry, do not hang to dry
  • Punch and fluff up dry pillow as desired

Dimension of this Pillow :: 6" x 10" x 28" (15cm x 25cm x 71cm)

Amount of Support with this Pillow: Standard

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Dimensions: 6" x 10" x 28" (15cm x 25cm x 71cm)
Color Blue
Support Standard Support
Features Benefits
For Stomach Sleepers Transitioning To help Stomach Sleepers become Side Sleepers for better overall sleep posture
Support Offers support and pressure to your stomach to help transition to side sleeping
Tear Drop Shape Gives a little or a lot of support to your torso
Fiber Filled Non-allergenic, long-lasting support
Soft Cover Breathable, Soft Cover
Length At 28" long, this pillow can be used as leg spacer and torso support simultaneously
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