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Read what the Patients at CT Spine and Disc Center have to Say !

Read what our patients say about their experience with Non Surgical Spinal Decompression with the Drx 9000 and Advanced Chiropractic Treatment at our Glastonbury Office- Make an appointment today !! Email Us or call our office at 860-633-8756 anytime to find out if you will be a candidate for Non Surgical Spinal Decompression using the Drx 9000.

"For the past 3 years, I have suffered from disc degeneration/herniated disc and spinal stenosis and seriously sought surgery as the only option. Knowing how expensive the surgery is, I did not care as long as my condition was relieved. I had continuously attended chiropractic sessions and had a Cortizone shot with minimal results. Searching the internet for alternatives I contacted Dr. Bellinger's office regarding the DRX 9000. After reading other patient testimonials about the success of the treatment, I viewed the treatment as experimental. Nonetheless, I decided to try the DRX 9000 simply because it was much less costly than surgery.

After my fifth session on the DRX 9000 I had my full range of motion and most of my pain was gone. By the end of all twenty sessions, I resumed my normal activities including gym workouts as I was now pain-free. This treatment is incredible and I have not been this happy in a while. I totally recommend this treatment for anyone thinking of surgery. This treatment is the closest thing to a cure!
Javier. R
Williamantic, Connecticut

"Due to foot surgery I developed back pain and had an MRI to find out that I had a herniated disc. I went to physical therapy for about 3 weeks with no results. I was in so much pain. I went online to check for a chiropractor and found CT Spine and Disc Center. I was skeptical because I've never been to one before. After being treated for just a few visits it was like night and day; my pain was hardly there anymore. I can enjoy doing things now that I thought I would never be able to do. I would recommend this office to anybody.
Wallingford, Connecticut

Glastonbury Chiropractor Helped My Lower Back

East Hartford, Connecticut

Patient is Helped with Spinal Stenosis in his Lower Back

Pete. M
East Hartford, Connecticut

"I was diagnosed with DDD and DJD (degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint disease) by my family doctor in 2006. He said an operation on my lower back to fuse the 3 lower vertebrae would help relieve the pain. I said No way! I lived with this serious pain 24/7 for almost a year and a half before hearing about CT Spine & Disc. After 20 treatments on the Drx9000 machine, my back pain went away completely. Four months later, still no pain. I am almost 69 years old and very active (again). Thanks to CT spine & Disc.
Edward F
Enfield, Connecticut

"Drs. Bellinger and Gill, Thank you for your dedicated, efficient, kind and professional treatment to those of us bothered with back problems. I have many more "good" days now and am able to stand and walk more comfortably than I have in about two years. The DRX 9000 treatments are comfortable and I seem to be feeling better as time goes on. I thought surgery was my only solution when the pain clinic was not successful for me. I am talking to anyone who needs some direction re: back pain about you. I also know if you don't feel you can help someone, you wont pursue treatment- that is special, too!"
Mary M
Wethersfield, Connecticut

"My name is Peter W. and I have had back problems for years and years. I am 20 years old now and they have been progressively been getting worse for 5 or 6 years until it got to the point where I couldn't walk anymore. I was diagnosed with 6 bulging/herniated discs. I saw the Drx9000 on the internet and thought I had no other options anymore. I previously tried everything- cortizone shots, steroids, pain managment, physical therapy et... So I came to CT Spine and Disc Center and the people were very nice plus after the first week of treatment I was 80% pain free and it fixed my worst nightmare. Thank you guys so much for everything and giving me my life back-
Meriden, Connecticut

"In 1998 I herniated the L5 disc in my back. My doctor at the time treated me with pain killers, muscle relaxants, and physical therapy. The PT consisted of traction on a flat, padded table. I wore a harness that was strapped to each end of the table, and there was an electric motor that hooked to the harness and applied the pull. As a truck driver delivering milk and ice cream time has taken its toll and the pain returned. No matter what I tried I could not make it quit. One night when the pain was keeping me awake, I went online and started searching for help. That is when I found the CT SPINE AND DISC CENTER. After a thorough exam and consultation, it was determined that spinal decompression might help my case. After 4 visits I am happy to say the majority of the pain had gone. As I write this I am just beyond half way and feeling so much better. I am pleased with the great care from everyone at the center. The most important thing they do is listen. A rare characteristic in today's age of corporate medicine. I would highly recommend them and the DRX9000 to anyone."

Al D.
Vernon, Connecticut

"For ten years I had suffered chronic lower back pain due to disc compression. I had received conventional chiropractic treatment for years and got limited relief. So I had begun to accept the frustrations of my condition which included limited motion, discomfort when sitting for long periods, or the occasional incident of "throwing out my lower back" which landed me in the bed for several days. I heard about the DRX 9000 decompression treatment, was skeptical but decided to seek treatment when I had a particularly painful episode. I found Dr. Bellinger after much searching online and discovered that he is only one of four chiropractors in CT offering DRX 9000 treatment. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since receiving treatment, I have been pain free and feel ten years younger. Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill are friendly, professional, and a joy to work with.-
Bloomfield, Connecticut

"Dear Drs. Bellinger and Gill, How thankful I am for your services. When I went to you, I was walking with two canes, and thanks to the DRX 9000, I went down to one, and on 6-20-08 I hardly use a cane and wore a small heeled shoe for the first time in two years. I must admit that my walk is not perfect, but I am walking with much less pain. I have arthritis throughout my body, and I sincerely believe that the DRX 9000 has helped me. I now have chiropractic care and I feel quite good with a lot of energy, which I did not have for two years. Both Drs. were a pleasure to work with-
Windham, Connecticut

"I have had low back pain with radiation down the left leg due to three herniated discs and a ruptured disc above the herniated discs. After having an MRI and a surgical consult, it was determined that there are no surgical procedures that could be performed. I was left with using medication with minimal results. My sister heard about spinal decompression and passed on information downloaded from the CT Spine and Disc Center from their website. After reading all about spinal decompression there was no doubt in my mind that this was the treatment I was looking for. After making an appointment and talking with Dr. Bellinger, I was even more convinced this treatment was for me. Everyone in the office is very personable and the treatments were painless. After 15 treatments, I am more pain free and no longer have to rely on medication for relief. I'm now able to walk longer distances and climb stairs again, I am just so happy, I'm smiling again and I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to anyone! Thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life!-
Coventry, Connecticut

"I have been bothered with Sciatica pain in my lower back down through my buttock and left leg into my toes. I have not been without pain for the past 5 years. It got to the point when I only felt comfortable laying flat on my back, from the sofa to the bed. I could not stand more than ten minutes. Which meant I needed help doing household chores. An operation would be too serious for my age (74). I've had 5 epidural shots; went to a chiropractor; tried physical therapy. Everything just seemed to aggravate it more. I almost gave up until I spotted the write-up in the newspaper of the DRX9000. After running it over in my mind during a few sleepless nights I decided to call Dr. Bellinger at the Connecticut Spine & Disc Center. After only a few treatments with Dr's Bellinger and Gill AND the DRX 9000 I was impressed. My negative attitude changed to a positive attitude, which helps the treatment work. I would highly recommend DRX 9000 to anyone with severe back and leg pain.
MaryAnne. C
Manchester, Connecticut

"Previously I had two back operations and the decompression treatment was the last resort.My problem was pain in the left leg between the knee and ankle while standing or walking approximately ten minutes. It was a gradual relief after mid point of treatments, which were painless and relaxed. I felt almost normal before the last session, however I have accepted the fact that I will always have some level of discomfort which is more manageable now.Thanks to Matthew J. Bellinger D.C. and Navjot Gill D.C., and also their receptionist for the comfortable, friendly manner.
Manchester, Connecticut

"I was treated at his office for severe lower back pain from May 29, 2007 until July 3, 2007. It took almost three weeks for the treatment to be effective and were painless. I felt that I was treated with the utmost respect. The people that worked in this office were very professional and polite. Prior to visiting CT Spine and Disc my only treatment was 500 mg of Tylenol prescribed by another physician. This did very little to help the pain.
Vernon, Connecticut

"The Drx 9000 treatment was effective and painless" - Thomas

"I would suggest that anyone who suffers with daily, chronic back pain would certainly benefit by going to the CT Spine and Disc Center for an initial consultation and examination to see if they'd be a candidate for the DRX 9000 spinal decompression therapy treatments. You have nothing to lose but your back pain and everything to gain in improving your overall quality of life.
Karen. O
Manchester, Connecticut

"To be honest with you I'll have to say I was a little disappointed that I couldn't jog in the pack, etc. as the people in the video. That said, I now want to tell you I have no regrets at coming here. I am glad I tried the process and it did help some and I truly enjoyed the whole process. The staff could not have been better, more caring and all around nice. I feel some failure on my part if I were in better shape (more ways than one) it may have been more successful. And secondly, I honestly filled out the daily report but since I was following instructions to "take it easy" I consequently didn't have the pain I do leading a regular schedule of chores. One day after I had finished treatment I felt really good and also the belt I got here gave me a sense of security and consequently I overdid it and the pain level ran 8 to 10. I did not do anything I felt was bad just normal housework. But for me I guess it was overdoing it.-
Tolland, Connecticut

I'll have to say I was a little disappointed that I couldn't

"I was having left leg pain (sciatica) due to prolonged sitting for the past year. Physical therapy only gave me a little relief. In addition to left leg pain, my left foot began having a burning sensation. My Doctor ordered an MRI. The MRI showed that my L4 and L5 discs were bulging onto the nerves of my left leg and foot. Back surgery was out of the question. I began spinal decompression treatment at CT Spine and Disc Center. The treatments are gentle, painless, and effective. I felt relief from pain after only 4 sessions. My treatment was 20 sessions and I am now 99.9% pain free. The DRX 9000 really worked for me ! I love that machine ! The Doctors and staff are very friendly and professional. They excel at making you comfortable during your visits. Thank you CT Spine and Disc Center !
Manchester, Connecticut

My treatment was 20 sessions and I am now 99.9% pain free. The DRX 9000 really worked for me ! I love that machine ! - Kirk

"I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. I didn't want surgery so I tried all other (treatments). When my leg became numb again I swore not to have surgery. A friend had tried the DRX 9000 with great results. I'm now back to building stone walls with no pain ! Treatments were so easy I fell asleep !
Cathy. H
Moodus, Connecticut

"After being told surgery was my only option I was put in touch with another treatment called the DRX 9000. My pain was so bad, I could not do anything. After four treatments, I was able to stand up straight and walk again. I am now able to do almost everything I did before, and am enjoying the freedom I had before. At the end of this treatment, I no longer need assistance of a walker or a cane to get around. I am so thankful I had another option. Thanks to the Doctors and staff at CT Spine and Disc Center. I am doing very well.
Anne. B
Tolland, Connecticut

My pain was so bad, I could not do anything. After four treatments, I was able to stand up straight and walk again - Anne

"Approximately two years ago, May 2005, I was diagnosed with polymyositis. At which time I was put on steroids. It helped the pain some but I did not like the side effects, so I tried Physical therapy which only made me feel worse. After three emergency trips to the hospital and with xrays and MRI's I was told I had 3 herniated disks pressing on my sciatic nerve. I was not ready to take on surgery if there was an alternative and thats where the procedure at the Spine and Disc Center with Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill made all the difference in the world. On my first visit on Febuary 28th 2007- I needed a walker, my husbands arm just to get in the building. After the first two treatments I felt immediate results. The treatments were gentle and painless. For close to two years, I have had difficulty in walking, sitting or standing. Thanks to the technology and exceptional care from Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill- I no longer need my walker and my pain level has gone from a ten to a zero!! And I don't cry as much either. I highly recommend this procedure. A friend of my daughters suggested that I try this as he had wonderful results also. I would also like to compliment the receptionist Jessica for her efficiency and kindness. I mentioned to her, the Doctors should hang another sign outside the door saying "This is your light at the end of the tunnel"
Rochelle. A
Cromwell, Connecticut

On my first visit on Febuary 28th 2007- I needed a walker, my husbands arm just to get in the building. After the first two tre

"I was treated for back pain by Dr. Gill and Dr. Bellinger. I went to them after reading extensively about spinal decompression. After trying physical therapy, chiropractors excercising, etc. I felt decompression was worth a try. I was injured 3 years ago which resulted in lower back pain, shooting pains in both legs with very little relief. Unless I wanted to do sit around all day I had to live with the pain. I was slowly getting better but not fast enough. Since my treatments I have felt better, and lost the shooing pains. It is painless treatment, and my whole experience with the Doctors was most pleasant. "
Joan. C
South Glastonbury, Connecticut

Since my treatments I have felt better, and lost the shooing pains. It is painless treatment, and my whole experience with the

"Drs Gill and Bellinger are ever caring team who look very carefully after you- and they fixed the problem too.
Chet. L
Manchester, Connecticut

Drs Gill and Bellinger are ever caring team who look very carefully after you - Chet

"I have had back problems for some time now. Back in 1996 I was diagnosed with severly herniated disc at L4 L5 and received epidural shots on two different occasions. The second of which worked for several years. In 2006 I re-injured my back only to find several herniated discs, bone spurs and arthritis throughout my lower back. Somebody gave me an article they had cut out of the newspaper on the DRX 9000. Me being the skeptic I am, I had to look into this. It sounded too good to be true. After meeting with Dr.Bellinger I became less skeptical and decided to go for it. To my amazement after only two sessions my back pain had subsided a great deal. Before coming I was taking up to 80 milligrams of Methadose per day. After 20 treatments that Dr. Bellinger recommended for me I feel much better than I have in quite some time. I've got to thank Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill for all they have done for me. It feels great to be back to myself again. Though I know I need to excercise and continue to work on my back strength I do highly recommend this treatment to anybody with lower back pain. What really surprised me was the fact that the treatment was totally pain free ! And it worked!! Thank you again to both Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill- you guys are great ! I look forward to seeing you soon to continue more chiropractic work. I feel it is necessary for me to do this so that I do not have relapse."
Edward. J. L
Manchester, Connecticut

After meeting with Dr.Bellinger I became less skeptical and decided to go for it. To my amazement after only two sessions my ba

"I came into CT Spine and Disc Center with lower back pain. On my first treatment (on the DRX 9000) I felt good with results, I could get out of my bed with less pain in my lower back. The treatments were painless. I would highly recommend this treatment to others anytime. "
East Hartford, Connecticut

On my first treatment (on the DRX 9000) I felt good with results, I could get out of my bed with less pain in my lower back -

"I must admit that, that given the pain level (10+) that I was enduring when I first came to your office, I was highly skeptical of a positive outcome with the DRX9000. Following the regimen of treatments that you prescribed, my pain level is now almost zero. Before coming to you, I knew that the road to recovery was slow, but thank God for this machine and your professional care. Very seldom will I endorse a product. In this case, however, not only do I endorse it, but I offer to any person who may be looking for help, the opportunity to speak with me in order to give them my first hand opinion of this "Miracle Machine" and your miracle skills. Thank you for that you both have done and I look forward to continuing the maintenance sessions. "
Greg Zlotnick
Mansfield, Connecticut

Before coming to you, I knew that the road to recovery was slow, but thank God for this machine and your professional care - Gr

"First I would like to thank the LORD for using the DRX 9000 tx to bring relief & healing to my back. Also, Thank you to Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill for their professionalism and their positive, encouraging attitude during my treatments. I had two bulging discs in my lower back, that were causing an 8-9 out of 10. I was seeing a chiropractor but to no avail. I met with Dr. Bellinger after a friend had recommended I look at some literature about the DRX 9000. I decided to give it a try. I must say that I believed from the beginning God would use this therapy in my recovery. And He did. It took me a couple of visits to start to feel relief. It was a gradual process, very gentle and painless procedure. By the end of the therapy my pain level was a 2. I am thankful and am believing for a 0 pain level as I continue to heal. I would definitely recommend the DRX 9000 for anyone who has back pain that won't subside. I called my chiropractor and recommended it to him as well. "
Mary. B
Salem, Connecticut

I must say that I believed from the beginning God would use this therapy in my recovery. And He did. It took me a couple of vis

"Coming to CT Spine and Disc Center was my last hope. I fell about 3 years ago and was diagnosed with 3 bulging discs and 1 ruptured. I was going to a chiropractor for 2 to 3 times a week plus acupuncture and taking percocet for 4 months. On my 7 or 8 treatment I could really feel a big difference in my pain level from a level of 8 to a level of 3 right now. Dr. Gill and Dr. Bellinger are such caring Doctors. Thanks to them I can now that my life again. "
Mary. K. A
Oakdale, Connecticut

"Beginning in September 2006 I developed severe back pain and leg pain. I went for chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and finally an MRI in October 2006. The MRI showed a herniated disc pushing on the sciatic nerve. I went to a spinal doctor who suggested spinal injections to releive the pain. I tried one in late October and it worked for only 30 hours. By this time I was walking bent over and could not stand for more than five minutes without severe pain in my left leg. In early November I read about a new procedure that cure this problem. I contacted the CT Spine and Disc Center and set up a meeting with Doctors Bellinger and Gill. I was convinced this procedure would help and on November 15 2006 I began my visits with the DRX 9000 machine. After eight sessions I was able to stand straight but still had pain in the left leg when I walked. By the fifteenth session that pain was gone and by the seventeenth session I was back to normal routine. In the beginning my was an 8 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst). By the seventeenth session was 0. Doctors Bellinger and Gill were very informative and caring through the whole procedure. Thanks guys, its great to be back in the swing of things. Awesome!!!"
Eugene. J.M
Prospect, Connecticut

"My lower back was so painful when I first heard about the DRX 900. I thought I would try it. I had been to 2 or 3 doctors who told me there was nothing they could do but put me on pain medication. I tried shots into my back that didn't help. I was finally put on pain patches. They changed my personality greatly.
About 2 weeks after being on the machine (drx 9000) I noticed a great change. I came off the pain patch and my daughter said she was glad to have me back. I still get some pain but it is so minute compared to what I was having and lasts just a short time. I am so happy I came to Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill. They have been wonderful and helpful."
Tolland, Connecticut

"I have had daily lower back pain for 15-20 years. The pain was anywhere from annoying to immobilizing, although most days were close to the annoying side of pain. In less than 2 weeks of treatments I was able to do things (cut trees and move them) that would cause me 3-4 days of very intense pain, and I felt fine the same day. Before I was finished with my 20 sessions I awoke painfree and was able to move about without any discomfort."
East Haddam, Connecticut

"At 28 years old I started experiencing severe back pains. I was told that I had arthritis and a compressed disc. With four kids, under the age of 10 at home, surgery was my absolute last option. I then heard about this new machine that people were raving about, called the DRX 9000. I decided, why not? No surgery, and it supposedly had a huge success percentage. When I first started the sessions, I would say that on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most severe), my pain level was about an 8. After about 12 visits, I felt an enormous difference. I could bend over more and play with my kids again. After the completion of sessions, I feel like a 28 year old. If I had surgery, i would still be going through a very painful recovery. Thankfully, I opted to try the DRX 9000, and with absolutely no pain or discomfort (other than the initial back pain), I am able to enjoy my life again. Because of this machine and the wonderful doctors, I am reccommending this for everyone with back pain."
Richard L. H
Manchester, Connecticut

"For the past three years I have lived with the worst debilitating pain one can imagine. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain was a 10+ and this was for mostly 100% of the time day and night. Nothing seemed to help me. I saw several doctors, had two shots in my spine that did nothing for me. I then had to turn to massive amounts of Tylenol Extra-Strength, Hydrocodone, and Lidoderm patches. Because of the pain, not sleeping, and not being able to do much of anything depression started to set in. I basically had no life.
Then I met Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill. With their help and the use of the DRX 9000, after 18 treatments I occasionally have a pain level from 1 to 3. Otherwise 95% of the time, I am pain free. I am now getting full nights sleep, doing things I have not done in three years and I am working my way off all back medication.
I would highly recommend anyone with back pain to see Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will find that they treat their patients with the greatest of care and respect. From the Doctors to Jenise (office assistant), their office is a very pleasant place to go to.
Thank you to these wonderful people for giving me my life back. "
Columbia, Connecticut

"I came to CT Spine and Disc Center with Low back pain that I had for 4-5 weeks. I first came in for a consultation and started the treatment. The pain was gone after the second treatment. After 20 treatments, pain free and ready to go. I would recommend this gentle treatment to everybody with back pain"
Joseph. S
East Hartford, Connecticut

I first came in for a consultation and started the treatment. The pain was gone after the second treatment. After 20 treatments

"I have been a competitive gymnast for more than thirteen years. A few seasons ago my form and movement changed. I was stiff and not so flexible because a constant pain in my lower back rendered me. Later two herniated discs at L4 and L5 in my lower back were found by viewing an MRI. I went to Physical Therapy for a bit, however the treatment and exercises were well known to me as I have warmed up that way for meets and during practices. It was not very helpful. My mother came across an ad for the CT Spine and Disc Center, LLC and their technique for decompression and we agreed to look further into it. We were both more than optimistic and excited for the treatment to begin. The first consultation we with with Dr. Bellinger, watched an informational video on their machine for decompression, and discussed my condition. They accepted me as a good candidate for it. Before every visit I would fill out a questionnaire addressing my pain levels (overall, maximum, and minimum) on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. Also I would label the points on a human figure diagram of where exactly the pain, soreness, tingling, and stiffness are. At first my overall pain revolved around about a 7, but near the end of my session I was typically around a 2 on and off depending on my previous activities. I imagine if I did not work over 40 hours a week and did not sit at a desk for seven hours a day, five days a week at my high school my pain level would have been nothing.
Overall the decompression was a success. The tingling down my thighs went away almost instantly. The soreness throughout my spine subsided tremendously and was no longer constantly there. It would come and go. Like stated above, my previous activities altered the sessions day to day. Never were the sessions unbearably painful. Some days there were painless and gentle and other days when my back was already sore the pressure pulled on me a bit. Ultimately the days I could feel the weight tugging at me were the trials I came out most satisfied. I would most definitely recommend this treatment to others with any type of back or neck problem. I very much appreciated the work the people at the office gave me each session. Thank you Dr. Bellinger, Dr. Gill and of course Jenise for the kindness you greeted me with everyday!"
Manchester, Connecticut

"The condition treated for is combined osteoporosis and spinal stenosis in the lumbar region. The pain severity was off the high end on a scale of 1 to 10 and virtually constant, with excruciating pain in the lower back and both legs. Physical therapy, epidural injections, and pain medications were ineffective or of short duration, and even counterproductive. We came to CT Spine and Disc Center in desperation as a last resort. Although skeptical we felt we had to at least give it a fair shot before going to invasive surgery, which would have had no guarantee of sucess. We started to feel improvement about 1 1/2 weeks into treatment cycle, and continued to feel gradually increasing improvement until the end, with final pain reduced to a level 3, which can be tolerable if there is no recidivism. The treatment was entirely painless and gentle, and is recommended to those diagnosed as potentially viable candidates."
Jeanne. M U
Granby, Connecticut

"I am a 61 1/2 year female that came to Dr. Bellinger's office barely able to walk, in extreme pain (10+) and very discouraged. I had tried PT (physical therapy) and several injections both in my spine and my right hip. Nothing helped. Then I saw the advertisement for the spinal decompression and I called to see if I was a candidate. I was given an appointment to talk with Dr. Bellinger and to be tested by Dr. Gill, his associate. My MRI report showed that I had 3 bulging discs, stenosis of the spine and "something" floating at the base of my spine. I was skeptical about the decompression could help me but within 2 to 3 treatments, there was no more sciatic pain or lower back pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill for their help in relieving most of my pain. I would reccommend this treatment to family and friends. There is absolutely no pain or discomfort during the treatment and I always felt better after I had a treatment. Thank you so much Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill.
Gloria A.
Newington, Connecticut

"The treatments were painless and produced measurable result. The constant lower back pains flares up occasionally but is pain free most of the time. Yes, I would recommend this treatment to others. The relief is worth the effort."
Middletown, Connecticut

"On December 9th 2005 I began to suffer from a herniated disc and spinal stenosis. After several visits, my doctor recommended surgery. I decided on alternative treatment of chiropractic. After 4 months of painful treatment, I was able to go back to work. Well somehow, I managed to hurt myself again. I did some research and found out about the DRX 9000, then I visited Dr. Bellinger. I was in extreme pain- unable to sit up or stand and after two weeks of treatment, my pain subsided. After six weeks of treatment I was able to go back to work. This new technology does work and it is painless. I would highly recommend this treatment
Peter M.
East Hartford, Connecticut

After six weeks of treatment I was able to go back to work. This new technology does work and it is painless - Peter

"The day I came into see Dr. Bellinger and Dr.Gill I was one hurting puppy with my back. I could just barely walk in the office with my spinal stenosis. I just knew that they were not going to be able to do nothing for me, as my back surgeon only could say to go to surgery and I didn't really want that. They did the exam and Dr. Bellinger told me to come back the next day for the final say (I wasn't sure if my case was going to be accepted). I told my wife when we got there to watch and they were going to say to me I'm sorry, but to my surprise Dr. Bellinger said that he would give me one week to try the treatment. He set it up for the next Monday morning through Thursday. He said that he would make another determination then. Well after the 1st day my back felt the best it has in the past two years. The machine is so relaxing I even fall asleep during the treatments. Lying on the table to get the EMS with the cold pack on also was like being in heaven. I am having my 20th treatment this coming Monday and my back has to be 80 to 90 percent better, and I can't put into words on how good that feels. I was looking forward to everyone of those treatments because thats how good it made me feel. Would I reccommend this to my friends ? Yes I would. I am not 100% yet because I am quite heavy and that does not help me- but I am losing weight now that I can do things again and you can't imagine how wonderful that makes me feel. I just can't put it into words how much Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill have made me feel but they were put here on earth by God I swear to help people like me. I've seen the wonderful ways that other people have walked out of his office while I've been there. Don't just sit there. Make that 1st step and I can truthfully say you won't regret it one bit. Again Dr. Bellinger and Dr.Gill thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me on that day in your office- you really changed my life for me. I even went out and played catch with my twin grandson's for the 1st time and that is worth any price in the world. "
Ellington, Connecticut

"When I was told by my neuro-surgeon that I would need an eight hour surgery and would have pins in my back and rods in my spine and a year of rehabilitation I was devasted. I came home and cried. What was I going to do? I was becoming more and more debilitated. My daily chores were difficult and even walking was more and more difficult. When I read the ad in the newspaper, out of sheer desperation, I called and asked for the information. I went to meet Dr. Bellinger and after evaluation me he said he could help me. Now, the hard part. The decision for me was easy - I believed that he could help me but my family was so skeptical. You had better be careful - what are you doing ? - what guaranteee have you got ? In spite of that I decided to move forward and was blessed beyond my wildest dreams. After a few treatments the lower back pain was done. My husband looked at me and said, "The pain is gone from your face." Each time my treatment was healing me and I could feel the pain lessening in my legs and gradually into my feet. Drs. Bellinger and Gill are so supportive. My gain brought them joy and they were so pleased to be able to help me. It is a great atmosphere - professional yet warm and caring. Best of all I have my life back and am able to do more than I have done in a year. Please be open to this if you have a problem that can be helped by this treatment. It is painless and you will begin to see relief right away. It is awesome !"
Mary Ann. K
Southington, Connecticut

My husband looked at me and said, "The pain is gone from your face." Each time my treatment was healing me and I could feel the

"I have tried many kinds of treatment since my surgery in 1990 which releaved some of the pain. I have lived with pain since then. When I started the treatment my livel was about a 9 (out of 10). I took pain medication every six hours. I also was receiving cortisone injections in my spine which sometimes lasted only 2 days. Since the treatment I have not had to take the pain medications and can go on walks. I can also prepare dinner without being in pain. My pain level is between a 4 or a 5. The treatment is not painful. They feel weird in the beginning but you get used to them."
Suzanne. L
Windsor, Connecticut

"I couldn't go camping, deep sea fishing, bowling, shopping, or even do household chores. Forget trying to get my scooter up on my SUV or even standing for 2 or 3 minutes without being in unbearable pain. Pain killers didn't work except morphine. I had no life ! Well anyway, I got to thinking about how good I felt in the pool free-floating on my back. I could do it for hours and the pain level would drop to about 3-4. It felt wonderful ! So it seemed reasonable that maybe this machine might help and I made an appointment. Then my youngest son, who lives in Florida, called me on his lunch break. I started to tell him about this DRX 9000 but he knew all about it. One of his employees had low back pain and went through this same therapy with great results. I told my son I wasn't expecting too much because my case was way more severe, but I was going to find out more. My husband took me to meet Dr. Bellinger, watched the tape, then tried for the physical exam. I couldn't stand, so Dr. Gill finished it with me sitting down. After a chat, I decided to go for it. My first session was the following Monday. The rest it History. I was started slowly (I have several health problems) and both (Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill) had to help me into the harnesses, onto the table and even to lift my legs to place and remove the knee cushions. Being on the machine felt great, it didn't hurt at all! Both Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill have been very gentle, kind and friendly to me. Dr. Gill even insisted on putting my scooter back on my SUV the first week so I wouldn't hurt myself. But after the first week, I could do it all by myself. To sum it up, I went form a painful, no worth living life to now, after 4 weeks to 10 or more pain free hours with very little pain the rest of the time. I'm lking on the pool deck, in the yard, in my home, doing some house work and doing stretching exercises. I'm just so excited I can't shut up about how great I feel. I cannot thank Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill enough. It is the best and I'd gladly tell anyone with lower back pain to please try this therapy. It worked. It really did ! Thank you so very much for giving me back a life worth living. I haven't been this happy in years !"
Manchester, Connecticut

I have experienced low back pain for many years, but this past year (2005-2006) the pain was very excruciating. It even went to the outside of my right calf which resulted in very restless sleeping to eventually no sleeping at all. I went to my family doctor and she first started treatment for restless leg syndrome. After approximately 7-9 months the pain got worse. She then sent me for x-rays which only showed some spurring of the bones on the spine and arthritis of the back. She then ordered an MRI. This showed a herniated disc L4-L5. She recommended I go to a bone Dr. which I did. He had me go to physical therapy and gave me 2 shots in my spine. After several sessions of therapy and 2 shots in my spine my condition was not getting better, it was getting worse. He recommended surgery, which scared me immensely. He said he could not make any promises and that the success rate was about 34%. About 2 days later, I saw an ad in the paper "herniated disc". I thought what can I lose, I called that day and had an appointment the following day. Dr. Bellinger had my x-rays and MRI faxed to the office and described the treatment with the DRX 9000 machine and showed me what it looked like as well if I was a candidate. Dr. Gill took me into a room and did several tests on me. I came back to the office the following day and Dr. Bellinger said that I was a candidate and proceeded to tell me about the 86% success rate of the DRX 9000. Gradually I started seeing positive results. My leg was still really bothersome though and Dr. Bellinger put the machine on a different angle. I eventually started sleeping 4-5 hours a night which I hadn't done in a very long time. Then like a miracle after approximately 10 times on the DRX 9000- I slept for the first time in a year straight through the night for 12 hours. My low back pain was better also. I stopped using the low back brace, started doing some stretch exercises at home and eventually started to take walks. I have never felt better and I owe it all to Dr. Bellinger, Dr. Gill and the DRX 9000. I would highly recommend this to anyone- as a matter of fact, I already have"
Tolland, Connecticut

I have never felt better and I owe it all to Dr. Bellinger, Dr. Gill and the DRX 9000. I would highly recommend this to anyone

The DRX9000 saved me from having a fusion surgery operation on my back and it completely took care of my painful sciatica which I had for two years and at times had to use a wheelchair. I made the right choice of coming to see Dr. Bellinger. Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill have both been professional and friendly. Thank you to both of you"
Willimantic, Connecticut

"I would like to share how the DRX 9000 has improved my health. I am 76 years young and have had 3 back surgeries. My pain level was a 10++ for many years. Additional surgery was not an option for me due to my age and heart condition. I was basically told to live with the pain. DRX 9000 was my last hope. After only a few treatments I regained the feeling in my toe. Two weeks into the treatment the muscle spasms in my back subsided. I am presently in my 5th week of treatment and the intense raw pain in my back is gone. My sincere thanks to Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill who have been wonderful during my therapy."
Madison, Connecticut

"I was treated for pain that began in my left buttock and radiated down the left leg to the foot and ankle. I have numbness and tingling. I was miserable with pain. I have not responded to conservative treatment including an epidural injection which did not help. I was told that I have disc disc disease (severe) L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1. My pain level was 10 (out of 10) - the worst possible pain. I went to CT Spine and Disc Center. At the 14th treatment out of 20 treatments my pain was a 1-2 (out of 10). I would tell anyone that has the same pain to try this treatment. The treatments were gentle and painless. This treatment is good for young and old people. "
Springfield, Massachusetts
"18 months after a serious automobile accident that left me with severe back and hip pain and numbness in my right great toe, I read about an innovative apporach to healing back pain without drugs or surgery - The DRX9000 machine. We went for a constulation and had the required MRI done. The MRI report was read, reviewed and we wre advised by two different doctors that we could expect a 50-90% improvement. After extensive researched we did the literature and decided to go for it. I was pleasantly surprised after two treatments there was relief of the great toe numbness and reduction of the hip pain. At the end of the second week back pain subsided. Treatments were painless, non invasive and I would definitely recommend this treatment for any qualified candidate."
Ivoryton, Connecticut
I arrived here at CT spine and Disc Center in severe chronic back pain. It has been well over 5.5 plus years that I have been suffering. Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill have treated me with the DRX9000 along with some other chiropractic techniques and I am making progress- my case happens to be quite complex, but both doctors continually offer lots of support, encouragement, hope and honesty. I highly recommend Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill to all patients in need of excellent care. I have tried "numerous" treatments in the past, and this approach has given me the most relief. Thank you Dr. Bellinger, Dr. Gill and Heidi too.
Tanya. N
East Hartford, Connecticut
I must admit I was a little skeptical at first but this was my last option before surgery. After going through physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, accupuncture, spinal injections and medication. I needed to do something. Being a single mother of 4, surgery at this time was not an option considering the low success rate and lengthy recovery time. I met with Dr. Bellinger and started treatment and within 2 weeks was feeling significantly better. It's great to have my life back.
Glastonbury, Connecticut
After suffering for months of pain (low back pain and leg pain), I was diagnosed with 2 herniated disks, and immediate surgery was recommended by Dr. J.M and Dr. J.E; Dr. E as well injected me with Cortisone with no results. Surgery was my last option. Early April of 2006 I visited this Glastonbury office and the doctors (Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill) here changed my life. At the beginning I couldn't stand for more than 30 seconds on my feet. Treatment is totally amazing, painless, and noticed their professionalism and willingess to make me feel comfortable. Today- May 18, 2006 I am totally back to normal and with strongly support this (Spinal Decompression) treatment. I will definitely recommend this process to whoever needs it. Again thanks to Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill for all their help and support. They are a blessing.
Manchester, Connecticut
Had my first surgery in November 2005 (L5/S1) and re-ruptured in March 2006. After finding out I was facing another surgery I decided to seek other options. I found the DRX 9000 and started my treatment after the initial consultation. I was desperate for help as I was unable to walk. I noticed a difference in about 5 treatments but after 8 treatments I was able to walk up the stairs without using the railing. The treatment is painless and absolutely helpful. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone considering surgery.
Robin. O
Colchester, Connecticut

Came into office with lower back pain with a constant achiness. MRI was performed and results indicated herniated lower discs. Decision for treatment was thought about. Treatments on machine (DRX 9000- non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment) went well. Stiff after treatment but as weeks went on felt much better. Light work load on myself but that will change in about 2 months. I am satisfied with results.
Daniel. B
Tolland, Connecticut)

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