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Looking for a Better Night's Sleep and Pain Relief?

The  Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow has been providing relief to our patients since 2003. This is a fiber neck pillow that you can sleep on your side or on your back. This neck pillow features two sides. One more softer to help you get comfortable. The other, more firmer, called the traction V Side gives your neck a gentle stretch while laying down. This cervical support pillow will help if you have a herniated disc, a bulging disc, neck pain, neck stiffness or cannot find a comfortable position for sleeping. It will help you improve your posture while you are sleeping. Comes in 3 Sizes:

America's #1 Therapeutic Neck Pillow that Provides Traction

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Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow LargeArc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow LargeLarge Size Traction V Pillow:  28" x 17"
Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow MediumArc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow MediumMedium Standard Size: 24"x17" Regular Support
Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow SmallArc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow SmallSmall Size 20"x15". 

I've has back and neck pain for about 15 years...

I've has back and neck pain for about 15 years and a good pillow makes as much difference as anything else you ...Took a couple of nights to adjust to it but after that it has been amazin. I've has back and neck pain for about 15 years and a good pillow makes as much difference as anything else you can do. This is the best one I've ever tried

with bad cervical discs...

I'm a back sleeper, with bad cervical discs. This pillow keeps my head and neck aligned, eliminating the headaches.

Best Support for Your Neck



Learning that the support pillows we used for many years had been d/c, I was in search of something new. These are great! I can tell when my pillows begin to wear out (usually after about 2 years) because my back hurts and my neck always feels like I need to stretch it. This pillow eliminated all that within a few days. I love the various options for support and the centralized flattened area to keep pressure off my ear. Some pillows make the back of my ear hurt, but these do not.

Outstanding Product

This pillow has been a life saver. The constant light traction it has applied to my neck and shoulders has relieved almost all of my neck pain and allowed me to sleep through the night without the need for medication. Every morning I feel a little better then I did the day before. I have recommended it to several friends with similar issues.

Cervical Spondylosis Neck Pillow -Best Neck Support Pillow

The  Arc4life Linear Gravity Neck Pillow is the pillow that literally goes to work while you sleep. This amazing cervical support neck pillow gives you two neck rolls to choose from: one softer, one firm. Use the more softer side help you get comfortable. This is another fiber neck pillow that you can sleep on your side or on your back.   Since 2003 it has helped our patients with cervical spondylosis, degeneration and arthritis in their neck. This is also the neck pillow that we recommend after you have had a fusion surgery in the neck.  The Arc4life Gravity Neck Pillow comes in 3 Sizes:

The Arthritis Neck Pillow that Gives Best Support

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Arc4life Linear Gravity Pillow LargeArc4life Linear Gravity Pillow LargeLarge Size: 28"x17". Regular Support.
Arc4life Linear Gravity Pillow MediumArc4life Linear Gravity Pillow MediumMedium Size: 24"x17". Regular Support.
Arc4life Linear Gravity Pillow SmallArc4life Linear Gravity Pillow SmallSmall Size: 20"x15". Regular Support.

gravity pillow works great for me

This pillow works great for me and the results are undeniable. I have sleep apnea and this helps more than anything I have ever tried, including CPAP. The sleep apnea affected my sleep so badly that I was experiencing severe fatigue and short term memory loss. It was affecting every aspect of my life, and I felt like my mind was slowly deteriorating, which is s scary thing. After using this pillow, my sleep improved dramatically and those symptoms disappeared. I always try to sleep on my side, but occasionally I end up on my back. When that happens, this pillow keeps my head tilted back and allows air to flow better, rather than conventional pillows that keep your head tilted down and your chin pressed more towards your chest. The only downside of the pillow is that it flattens out over time and needs to be replaced roughly every six months for maximum benefit, but $60 for 6 months of good sleep is a price I am definitely willing to pay.
C.R. 8/1/2015

seems to be effective

Seems to be helping my neck pain. takes a bit of getting used to. I am not sure if it is the pillow itself or the fact that i forces me to sleep on my back and not all kinked up. Either way, I have not had to see my chiropractor.
G.M. 1/28/15

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Our mission to keep our customers active and healthy. We offer a variety of health products that will help you achieve optimal health and fitness- such as the Cervical traction neck pillow, our most popular neck pillow that will help you improve posture and stop neck pain and discomfort. This neck pillow will give you the proper support you need while sleeping on your back or on your side. We offer cervical traction units like the Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000 or the Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction Unit

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Welcome to the Back Dr's Store. Our products are recommended for patients who are suffering with low back pain, neck pain and midback pain. It is also a site for patients who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep a great posture and live their life to the fullest. We offer the best orthopedic neck pilows, traction units, back cushions, hot and cold therapy and so much more. If you are suffering with a back condition, and need help deciding which product is best for you, call our office 1-800-605-7079. 
At the Back Dr's store, we specialize in pain relief and making you comfortable. One of the ways we can do this is to help you find the right neck pillow that suits YOU.

Whether its helping you choose a better neck pillow or making a recommendation for a better pain relief product, we are here to help you with your individual needs. 
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