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Spinal Decompression

Specialized treatment for Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, and Degenerative Disc

Information about Non Surgical Spinal Decompression with the Drx 9000, Frequently asked questions, Testimonials from our patients
Our innovative treatment for chronic lower back pain relief--whether from herniated discs, pinched nerves, degenerative disc disease, or sciatica--has helped multiple patients in the Central Connecticut area end their pain permanently without drugs or surgery.

Most of the patients that come into our office have already tried the usual- rest, medication and more medication. They have been to numerous practitioners who have prescribed them exercises, epidurals, traction, physical therapy, nerve blocks- you name it we have heard it in our office. Most patients just want to able to do the "simple" things in life- like washing the dishes, sitting at a computer, play golf, being able to work for 8 hours, being able to shop, cooking dinner for their family, get a full nights sleep. But for people who suffer from chronic low back and neck pain, these simple activities are not possible and become debilitating. Our patients will tell you:
"I was treated for degenerative disk disease which I had been suffering with for over 20 years. Physical therapy several times did not help me. Getting out of bed each morning was almost unbearable."- Barbara P, Newington Connecticut

"I fell about 3 years ago and was diagnosed with 3 bulging discs and 1 ruptured. I was going to a chiropractor for 2 to 3 times a week plus acupuncture and taking percocet for 4 months."- Mary B, Oakdale Connecticut

"The condition treated for is combined osteoporosis and spinal stenosis in the lumbar region. The pain severity was off the high end on a scale of 1 to 10 and virtually constant, with excruciating pain in the lower back and both legs. Physical therapy, epidural injections, and pain medications were ineffective or of short duration, and even counterproductive."- Jeanne U, Granby Connecticut

At CT Spine and Disc Center, Dr. Bellinger and Dr. Gill offer a different approach that is gentle, effective treatment for chronic low back pain from such conditions as a disc herniation, "pinched nerve", bulging disc, and degerative disc disease. It is called Spinal Decompression using the innovative Drx 9000. CT Spine and Disc Center has been featured on Connecticut's very own Eyewitness News Channel 3. Here are some frequently asked questions about Non Surgical Spinal Decompression

Has any research been done to prove the effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy ?

Yes. In a recent outcome study by T. Gionnis (submitted to the Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine), 500 potential patients with low back pain and pain radiating into the lower extremities were treated on the DRX 9000. With treatment success defined by a reduction of pain to 0 or 1 on the pain scale, the DRX 9000 treatment was successful for 86% of the 219 patients included in the study. Click here to read this study. Other studies that have been performed include:
What are your patients saying about the DRX 9000 ?
"Beginning in September 2006 I developed severe back pain and leg pain. I went for chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and finally an MRI in October 2006. The MRI showed a herniated disc pushing on the sciatic nerve. I went to a spinal doctor who suggested spinal injections to releive the pain. I tried one in late October and it worked for only 30 hours. By this time I was walking bent over and could not stand for more than five minutes without severe pain in my left leg. In early November I read about a new procedure that cure this problem. I contacted the CT Spine and Disc Center and set up a meeting with Doctors Bellinger and Gill. I was convinced this procedure would help and on November 15 2006 I began my visits with the DRX 9000 machine. After eight sessions I was able to stand straight but still had pain in the left leg when I walked. By the fifteenth session that pain was gone and by the seventeenth session I was back to normal routine. In the beginning my was an 8 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst). By the seventeenth session was 0. Doctors Bellinger and Gill were very informative and caring through the whole procedure. Thanks guys, its great to be back in the swing of things. Awesome!!!" -Eugene. J.M
"Had my first surgery in November 2005 (L5/S1) and re-ruptured in March 2006. After finding out I was facing another surgery I decided to seek other options. I found the DRX 9000 and started my treatment after the initial consultation. I was desperate for help as I was unable to walk. I noticed a difference in about 5 treatments but after 8 treatments I was able to walk up the stairs without using the railing. The treatment is painless and absolutely helpful. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone considering surgery." - Robin. B
"Came into office with lower back pain with a constant achiness. MRI was performed and results indicated herniated lower discs. Decision for treatment was thought about. Treatments on machine went well. Stiff after treatment but as weeks went on felt much better. Light work load on myself but that will change in about 2 months. I am satisfied with results." - Daniel. B
Read more Actual Patient Testimonials here
What is Intervertebral Disc Disease ?

Intervertebral disc disease is among the most common causes of neck and low back pain. Cervical (neck) disc herniations are less common than lumbar (low back) herniations. Low back herniations affect an estimated 80 % of patients complaining of back pain. Many things can cause a herniated disc including: poor posture, work-related strain, traumatic injuries due to falls or blows in the back, improper weight lifting, obesity, and sport-related muscular strain. A Disc herniation can also occur because of age-related degenerative processes that cause progressive loss of disc elasticity. Other risk factors associated with disc hernias are lack of regular physical exercises, inadequate nutrition, smoking, and genetic factors.

Herniated disc is a common problem, with approximately one in 32, or 8.4 million people in the United States affected each year.

Causes and symptoms
Degenerative disc disease, usually related to aging, is more common in the lumbar area, where much of the wear-and-tear of a lifetime of activity is exerted, resulting in chronic back pain. However, in the cervical area the disc degenerative process usually starts with a traumatic twisting of the disc space that leads to chronic inflammatory pain in the neck, and may result in arm pain and numbness. The degenerative process may also be associated with occupational repetitive movements such as those required in construction, farming, mining, and other professional activities where workers are required to handle heavy loads. A herniated disc can cause pain that is incapacitating, and the condition accounts for a major cause of work disability and health care expense in the United States. Lumbar disc hernias are commonly associated with sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the lower back) due to disc protrusion or herniation that compresses the spinal nerve root radiating to the femoral or sciatic nerve. A sensation of sharp, painful electric-like shock is felt during acute sciatica both in the back and along the involved limb. Other symptoms are a burning pain in the back, numbness or tingling sensation in the related leg, and weakness in one or both legs.

Spinal Anatomy

Get more information about Spinal Decompression. Click on this link and we'll send you our Report on Back Pain and Decompression Therapy, and a certificate valid for a free consultation and evaluation at CT Spine and Disc Center.

Our results speak for themselves. We have helped countless patients get their life back. Click here to read our Spinal Decompression Testimonials for yourself.
So, if you've been in pain too long, take medication just to get through the day, and have seen countless practitioners who've not been able to help you end your pain, you owe it to yourself to give us a call at 860-633-8756 today. We want to help you get better and live pain-free.
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