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Core Deluxe Water Pillow
Great Adjustable Support for Anyone
Core Deluxe Water Pillow
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The Core Deluxe Water Pillow is an innovative pillow that combines the support of cushioning and the adjustable support of water. This pillow will fit anyone. The water chamber has simple filling directions and shows you how much water you need for firm support, gentle support, or somewhere in between. The Water Displacement panel at the center of the water chamber allows for better support to your neck as well as allowing the water to perfectly conform to your neck as you move throughout the night.

Indications for using the Core Deluxe Water Pillow :

  • headaches
  • stiff neck
  • Get better sleep posture
  • disc degeneration
  • snoring
  • recent injury sufferers

Step by Step Washing Instructions for your Core Deluxe Water Pillow

  • Remove the water chamber from your pillow (to be cleaned later)
  • Soak your Core Deluxe Water Pillow in lukewarm water with a small amount of mild detergent
  • Press and squeeze out water until clean
  • Take pillow and rinse in clean water of all detergent/soil
  • Squeeze out excess water
  • Lay flat to dry, do not hang to dry
  • Punch and fluff up dry pillow as desired
  • To clean your water chamber, wipe with damp cloth and allow to air dry
  • Rinse the water chamber with a water/bleach solution once in awhile for maximum cleanliness

Dimension of this Pillow :: 26"x15" (66cm x 38cm)

Amount of Support with this Pillow: Adjustable with Water Chamber

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Shipping Method: Fed Ex Ground
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Dimensions: 26"x15" (66cm x 38cm)
Weight of Pillow: 1.15 pounds
Shipping Weight of Pillow: 3.49 pounds
Color White
Size Standard
Amount of Support Adjustable with Water Chamber
Features Benefits
Soft Cover Soft and Breathable Cotton Sateen cover
Adjustable Water Chamber Easily filled and marked so you know how much water is needed
Adjustable Pillow Water chamber can be removed altogether and pillow can be used without it
Displacement Panel Ensures your neck is supported at all times
Standard Size Feature It will fit into any of your standard-size pillow cases
Hand-Washable Pillow and water chamber can both be cleaned by hand
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